directions for use

Betontapete is a quality wallpaper with a matte surface. It is printed on a dimensionally stable, non-woven 170 gr./sqm. heavy wallpaper. Betontapete is intended primarily for indoor use, but can also used for a short time in the exterior.

The wallpaper is fire resistant, tear resistant and lightfast.

Please attend the labelling on the rear top. If your wallpaper is produced after a measurement plan, every strip is numbered as it is shown on your plan. If it is produced with an offset, we recommend to hang the strips marked with A/B/C alternate.

Preparing the surface

The surfacees must be smooth, solid, dry , clean of soiling, efflorescence etc.. We recommend before start preparing some patterns for testing the surface.

To wallpaper

We recommend to paste the wall with an adhesive for non-woven wallpapers. You can align the wallpaper directly on the pasted surface and spread eventually  abundant paste to the sides. Draught or strong heating can cause opening the seams. So check the seams while the paste cures. If any paste comes into contact with the surface, you should immediately wipe it away without scrubbing. Use a soft sponge or a soft rag to clean it.

We recommend to employ a professional. All this hints can be just recommendations and foreclose any charges.



Hintergrund: betontapete bei der Aufführung von ENRON im Landestheater Niederbayern. Schauspiel von Lucy Prebble / Regie: Markus Bartl / Ausstattung: Philipp Kiefer / Foto: Peter Litvai